How to Get Your Homeowners Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement


Getting your insurance company to cover the cost of your roof replacement is simple as long as you understand your coverage and how to get the claim started. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common insurance roof-replacement questions on how to get insurance to pay for your roof replacement.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

In almost all cases, yes. Homeowners insurance typically covers your home’s structure, which includes the roof. If your roof is damaged by fire, wind, a fallen tree or other covered incidents (probably called perils in your policy), you can expect your insurance to help with your roof replacement. Review your policy or talk to your agent to confirm.

Will Your Rates Go Up if You File a Claim?

No. While this is true of many auto-insurance policies, homeowners insurance generally works differently. Filing a single claim on your roof won’t make your rates rise. However, you should definitely check with your agent to make sure.

Are Roof Leaks Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

It depends on the cause of the leak. If the leak is a direct result of a peril covered by your policy, then your insurance will likely cover the cost of the leak and any resulting damage. If, however, the leak is from age, normal wear or an absence of maintenance, then your insurance probably won’t cover it.

Does the Age of the Roof Matter?

Maybe. It depends on whether your policy subjects your roof to ACV (actual cash value) or RCV (replacement cash value). With RCV, your insurance will cover the cost to replace your roof at the time of the damage, minus your deductible. The age of the roof doesn’t matter. With ACV, the age of the roof does matter. This covers the actual cash value of the roof at the time of the damage, minus your deductible, minus the depreciation. Generally, the older your roof, the more the depreciation and the lower the actual cash value.

How to Get Insurance to Cover Roof Replacement

When you have an issue with your roof that’s covered by your homeowners insurance policy, it’s important to act as quickly as you can, keep records and clarify any questions with your insurance agent. Having a certified roof inspector observe and document the damage is very important when it comes to a timely fix and payment. Keep photos and details of the damage, along with any receipts for repairs, together and make them easy to access for your insurance company. File your claim quickly. There are time limits on when you can file, and obviously you’ll want your roof fixed as soon as possible, so get everything filed on time. If you have any questions at all, contact your agent to verify coverage and any step of the process. That’s what your agent is there for.

Roof Insurance Claim Process

Be timely. As soon as you notice the damage, contact your insurance agent to schedule an adjuster to review the damage. Soon after the adjuster assesses the damage, you’ll get a summary of covered damages and, in most cases, the first check for repairs. The check will usually cover approximately half the cost of the repairs or replacement. Next, you’ll choose a contractor. Your insurance company will require the contractor to be licensed, bonded and insured, but you should be choosing such a contractor regardless. After your claim is approved, you’ll work with your agent to determine a timeline within which your roof needs to be repaired and covered by insurance.

What if Your Insurance Claim is Denied?

If your claim is denied, or if the insurance company will pay some but not all of the claim, your first step is to contact your agent. Get all the information you can as to why they denied your claim. If they won’t acquiesce, you can get an independent appraisal to help your case and try again. If your insurance company still won’t pay what you feel you deserve, file a complaint. If the claim is high enough, you may also want to consider hiring an attorney.

More Information on Roofs and Insurance

To learn more about how the insurance process works, what it costs, what’s covered and what to expect, check out our post on how we can work with your insurer to help the process.

Alternatives to Making an Insurance Claim

If your insurance company won’t approve your claim or if you’re simply looking for an affordable way to replace your roof, you can look into financing your roof replacement. At West Michigan Roofing, we have financing plans available through our partner, Service Finance LLC, with monthly payments as low as $99 based on a $7,500 roof. Your approval process will be quick and we have several plans from which to choose. The process is paperless and has no hidden fees. Interested in applying now? Request a Free Quote.